The Trip Home, Part Last: The Travel


We flew out on Wednesday the 24th and came back on Wednesday the 31st, which allowed us to take as much advantage of our schedules as possible and get as much time at home as we could. We spent a lot of time on planes on those days, but we watched some movies together and read a lot (and slept a lot), so it went by actually really quickly.

Our first flight in, we flew from Newark through Atlanta to Oklahoma City, and it went very smoothly and was totally fine. We flew Delta the whole way, which was fine on the way there.

On the way back, we flew through Detroit instead of Atlanta, and I know it wasn’t Detroit’s fault, but we got stuck there for a few hours at the end of the day. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a little resentment towards Detroit about it, but in the end I talked to Delta about it and got it all worked out. Because it was so late at night, however, we got to see a lot of the airport pretty deserted. Have you been to the Detroit airport? Because if you haven’t, you should go sometime (preferably during normal flight hours) so you can see this hallway/work of art. It goes between the two terminals, and it’s just really strange and interesting.


In fact, I still can’t believe it was a week – it felt like a day or two at most. Vacation always goes so quickly, but it was the absolute best time.

When we got back home late, late that night, we were both exhausted, but we couldn’t have been happier and had a better time on this trip. It went too fast, but being able to see my friends and family again at home for the first time since I moved was really priceless. It couldn’t have been a better trip, and I know we’ll be back sooner than you might think.


i may not always be there in body, but oklahoma will always be a home in my heart.

sky bridge