about me.

“As I stared at the books, I suddenly understood that I didn’t know a hell of a lot about anything. What it was that seemed to move me then was that learning was important… I vowed, right then, to learn something new every day. It was a deep revelation, something I felt throughout my whole self.”
-Amiri Barake-

I’m 25 and I live in Brooklyn, New York by way of Oklahoma City. I graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 2011 and I’m transitioning into the adult stage of life, which is incredibly interesting and incredibly fun. I have a degree in English (emphasis writing) with a minor in accounting, with most of a minor in both international studies and Spanish, as well. I work for a fancy book publisher in NYC in sales, and it’s absolutely my dream job.

What does Mustard Ampersand mean? It started out as a whimsical title comprising two of my favorite things: the color mustard yellow and the ampersand, my favorite punctuation mark. That was two years ago. Now, when I label something with my m& title, I think of it as part of my creative body of work, my online persona, my digital presence. The essence of m& is creativity and innovation matched only by the hard work I’ve put into everything I put the label on. m& is the part of me that I put back out into the world for all to enjoy and to continue as part of a cycle of inspiration that keeps me creating daily.

If you have any questions about me, my life, or anything in general, feel free to email me.