Long Weekend Relax

It’s just been a few weeks since the big holiday publishing break, but having a long weekend was particularly relaxing this weekend. My friends and I didn’t do too much, since we usually reserve our weekends for pure relaxation and this was no different.

We spent Friday night at Charles Hanson’s 169 Bar, which we say we do every Friday but get to at least once or twice a month–to be totally honest. There’s just something about a platter of oysters that can’t be beat, you know? Of course, I always want to get my dim cell phone pictures before the tray is empty, but I only remembered about three-quarters of the way through the plate this time. I think that deserves a little pat on the back, at least.


And, you know, a taxidermied t-rex above our favorite table.


Otherwise, I had dinner at Bodega in Bushwick with a friend from home in town for the weekend, and we pretty much just bummed around the neighborhood to eat delicious meals and watch great movies together. I saw both In A World… and Frozen this weekend, so I’ll call that a success!

As far as books go, I’ve already read five books this year, somehow, and this week I finished Maria Semple’s WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE?. This book is delightfully individual in its document-heavy concept, and transcends the limited format to convey not only a complicated narrative but implied emotion and character development. I know these are basic parts of a novel, but in less capable hands this would seem gimmicky, especially since the story deals with adult paralyzing anxiety, adjustment to life change at all levels, and complex parent-child relationships–mostly conveyed within documents like emails and work documents, along with commentary from Bee, the fifteen-year-old narrator.

I’m currently still in the middle of both Lawrence Wright’s GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY, HOLLYWOOD, AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF and Libba Bray’s THE DIVINERS, both of which I’m loving (obviously for different reasons). I’m planning to have them both done in time to do another mini-review roundup at the end of the month. So far it seems like my plan to read 75 books by the end of the year is going swimmingly, which I’m thrilled about.

It would have been nice to get a little more done this weekend, but at the same time, it’s really nice to spend the weekend relaxing, cleaning, and catching up on movies we missed.