In Landscape Love with Massachusetts

A few weekends ago, Harry and I visited his college town in Massachusetts for an extended weekend vacation. He had an alumni event on Saturday, so I tagged along and we spent the weekend touring the surrounding town and enjoying the rural area.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without driving past Grand Central first. No, really, you have to drive past it to get where we were going, but I can’t say I minded the view, and I may have requested a slow down (that I did not get) to take this picture. Instead I took a series as we got closer, which when looked at in sequence seems like a terrifying stop-motion video.


Beyond that, though, we were free of the city and off into the wilds of non-city New York, which is one of my favorite general places to be. And once we’d dropped off Harry’s parents at their house upstate, we moved on to Mass., and it was one of the more beautiful and relaxing weekends of my life, I’m pretty sure.

You don’t see many skies that rival Oklahoma, and to be honest these weren’t quite there, but as you can see in the pictures below, they were pretty nice.






See? I wasn’t kidding around. So beautiful. That last picture is a snap of Harry’s favorite tree in his college town, and you can see why. It’s really stunning out in the field on its own. Great for pictures, at any rate.

There’s not really a lot to say that the pictures themselves can’t express. They are worth a thousand words, really, I suppose.

We’re off to his parents’ house upstate for the Thanksgiving holiday, so please enjoy your Thanksgiving muchly and be sure to follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing more similar pictures. I guarantee you the balcony shot from their house over the river is worth it and it’s probably the first thing I’ll post tomorrow morning. Wish you were here!