unpacking the most essentials. (books, naturally)

bookshelfas I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve had a very, very busy week with moving, but things at the new place are finally starting to feel like they’re falling into place.

naturally, the first thing we’ve gotten fully set up is the main bookshelf. I say main because we have two or three other bookshelves, but this is the important one. we unloaded four boxes of books onto it, and I’m feeling pretty great about it right now.

to quote harry, “it looks like people have been picking and adding for years–like they’ve always been like that. I love it.” which is exactly what I wanted to hear, since that’s exactly what I was going for.

the apartment is almost there–I think one more weekend will do it, and then I’ll have some very early stages pictures for you.

in the meantime, happy friday! look for the weekend jam tomorrow morning!