style log: anthropologie | pilcro color flecked stet ankle

have you ever had a pair of jeans that you absolutely fell in love with? lately I’ve been in a bit of a denim slump. there are a lot of styles that have come through my store that I’ve liked, but when these pilcros came through, I knew I was in sweet, sweet love.

I’ve been wearing them rolled up this week, since it’s been about 75 and I’m excited to wear jeans–but I’m not quite ready to admit that fall is upon us. but the color contrast is fantastic. as Harry put it this weekend, “it looks like your pants are inside out.” and it does, sort of, but in a really great way. it’s a unique look. people love the textured look of the jeans, and I have to admit, it’s pretty fantastic.



if you’re familiar with pilcro, these run true to size. I’m used to my pilcro jeans running a little on the bigger size, and sometimes I can size down in them because I know they have some stretch. these don’t have as much stretch to them, so I went with my true size and I’ve been very happy with them.


anyway, it’s not often that I come across a clothing item that I feel this compelled to write about. I haven’t received anything to write this post, nor do I expect to–I just love these jeans. a good pair of skinny ankle pants will win me over any day, and for a great price, these pilcro jeans are real winners.

anthropologie pilcro stet slim ankle color flecked jeans