The Trip Home, Part Three: The Food

for, like, half a second, i was surprised that this post was turning out to be the most photo-heavy. however, you know, someone on my trip told me that i am clearly “a foodie” so i guess that’s what that means. i just really like having pictures of good food. usually i’m too excited about eating it to remember to take a picture, but i tried to remember on this trip so i can share you all and make you a little jealous.

i knew going into this trip that i wanted to share two major food groups with harry: tex-mex and barbecue. they exist here, but not like they do in the places where they came from.

when my parents picked us up from the airport, they drove us to 1492, new world latin cuisine, in downtown okc. the atmosphere was a little lacking (but it was also 3:30pm), but the food was great. the chorizo queso was just to die for. i had some enchiladas and a taco, and it was great. highly highly recommend.


now, on the flip side, you can’t visit oklahoma city without eating at another tex mex staple: taco bueno. it’s not what anyone would call “great food,” but i’ve been eating there my whole life and not a whole lot can beat a good chicken muchaco. as advertised to harry, the refried beans were delicious and perfect. i don’t know that he loved bueno like i do, but again, i’m pretty sure it’s something you have to grow (up with) to love.


naturally, you can’t go to the headquarters of sonic (oklahoma city, y’all) and not get yourself a limeade.  we went to sonic a couple of times on the trip and every time was a delight. nothing may beat a muchaco from bueno, but there’s really nothing that can beat a chili cheese coney with onions and mustard. like, man, i can’t.


once we got done with our tour of fast food, we made a quick pit stop at POPS, a new staple of the city. the walls are lined with different kinds of sodas from all over the country (and some international, but it’s gotten a lot more local since i moved), and they have a wall of refrigerators that you can pick bottles from. they have food there, too–pretty basic diner fare–but POPS is really all about the drinks.

we got two six packs of assorted flavored sodas, from your basic ginger ale to blood orange and sarsaparilla sodas. somehow we managed to decide against the bacon flavored soda, but you know, i don’t think we had any regrets.



we also stopped at pinkitzel, since it was on the way home, and picked up some salt water taffy and some cupcakes to snack on at home. so, so super delicious.



other local favorites include all about cha, a new coffee and tea location in edmond, where you can get the most delicious sweet potato latte. it sounds a little weird, i know, but i don’t think anyone i know has ever regretted getting one. all i’m saying is that i’ve made a lot of converts over the years.


if you haven’t been to mutts hot dogs down on 23rd, you’re also missing out. we went there for lunch with my parents one day near the end, and my dad and i were thrilled to get to introduce it to both harry and my mom, who’d never made it down. everything they have is great, but i always get the corn dog pups, which is pretty much what you think it is and they are delicious.

they’re also owned by the same people who run big truck tacos down the way, so you always get these great reusable cups, too. we brought a few of these guys back home with us and i love using them.


and since i mentioned barbecue, one of our last meals was at rudy’s bbq, which is my favorite barbecue restaurant of all time. they put one in on memorial in oklahoma city (previously the closest was in norman) and no one told me, which caused me to swivel my neck like an owl when we were driving past it that first day and ask frantically if anyone else knew that was in there. well, they had, and no one remembered to tell me, so naturally i insisted that we go.

i had a brisket potato with extra butter, which was absolutely amazing, as expected. i just love rudy’s. i just love it.



anyway, we ate at some other places, and we ate at home (my mom makes a real mean fried chicken, fried squash and mashed potatoes) some, too, but all of the food we ate was out of this world. sometimes i forget just how good the food is there, and it was great to be reminded of it.

if you happen to be in okc anytime soon and you haven’t eaten at any of these places, you definitely need to. i promise you won’t regret it.

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