The Trip Home, Part Two: The Friends

i know i can’t say this enough, but seeing my best friends from home again while i was visiting was just the absolute best time. we spent almost every day with james and rebekah (great friends of mine from college, and rebekah from even earlier than that), and they got to spend a lot of time introducing harry to various oklahoma staples like sonic and braum’s and the balcony of the moore warren movie theater.

i couldn’t begin to tell you how much fun we had, but know that it felt just like being at home, being able to spend so much time with the people who truly know me best in the world. at times it felt like i was taking harry on a tour of all of the people and places i grew up with, but they were all delighted to meet him.



we got to see various other friends of mine at various other locations (usually food locations), and it was just really lovely to get to catch up with people i haven’t seen in a year and a half. i learned a lot about the things that i’ve missed since i’ve been gone, but also i learned a lot about how much i’ve grown up and how much i’ve changed since i moved to new york almost two years ago.

for whatever reason i didn’t take as many pictures as i wanted to, but the ones we did take were just priceless. my friends kayla and scott had dinner with us at ted’s in edmond one night, and it was just so great to fall back into the same friendships and jokes and great times. kayla and i were roommates in college, and it was so fun to get to catch back up with the two of them, especially now having harry with me.




stay tuned for part three, the food