I know I haven’t been around much lately – I’ve been crazy busy with both of my jobs as well as hanging out with friends and maybe possibly definitely a little bit of dating as well, but here’s a really lovely picture I took a few days ago. This is from the Seneca Ave M platform out in my hood, and it was really beautiful the other day in the snow even though it was also really cold.

I don’t have any updates with regard to Etsy yet, but hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon. I’m considering a full revamp and redesign, so it may be December before it’s back, but I have a lot of really good ideas that I’m hammering out right now.

Plus, NaNoWriMo is totally kicking my butt this year. I’m behind again, but it’s okay because I’m not super about winning this year. I’m into kick-starting my writing again.

But just know that my life is really really amazing right now. Really amazing. Nothing could be better and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you’re all having a wonderful November, and I look forward to regular posting again soon.