Three Little Words

You’ve probably seen this before, haven’t you? If you haven’t, the idea is that the first three words are, as it says, what you want in life, or something like that. I see it pop up every few months or so, and it’s funny because it’s always different. I’m not sure that the “science” behind it is totally accurate, but it’s still a fun thing to do when you have a minute.

Today, my three words were




It made me smile because I’ve been thinking about those three things exactly a lot in the last week or two. Not for any particular reason (no special someones here, kids), but just because I’ve been reflecting a lot on how much I’ve grown in the last couple of years as a single lady and how what I want now is so different from what I wanted a few years ago. I spent so many years thinking that I needed to get married by the time I graduated college or I was going to wind up miserable and alone. However, I’m 24 and halfway to 25, and single as ever, and could not be happier. Would I like to date someone? Sure, I guess, if it seemed right. But it’s not a dire situation. Not even something I feel like I need, really. Love and happiness take time. They’re not mutually inclusive, but when they are, they require patience and work and understanding. Even though I’ve been single for a couple of years, I now feel like I understand so much more about relationships and people and just life in general.

Also, I saw Celeste & Jesse Forever this morning, starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, and one thing I really took away from that movie was that there is no rush on finding love. And even if something seems right at one time, it doesn’t always stay that way. Great movie, by the way. I highly recommend it because it was fantastic. Funny and sad all at once, just the way I like ’em.

It seems like I’ve just been doing a lot of introspective thinking lately, which is a favorite pastime of mine. There are few things I love more than thinking about my past and learning from it and moving forward.

What were your three words? What do you think they mean?


3 thoughts on “Three Little Words

  1. Mine are Love, Experience, Fun. I’d say that’s pretty accurate — especially since I discovered my deep belief in being “created to create.” For me, love and experience and fun are all tied up in that. : )

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