Fall 2012 Style Update

This morning I was in a meeting in which I was asked to define my personal style and design an outfit for myself that fit within the aesthetic of the company I work for. I know, isn’t my job awesome? But when I started thinking about it, I realized I haven’t thought about dressing within my specific style in a while.

I try to nail down my style about once a year and refine it every season, but I have kind of let that slide since I moved. It sort of feels like I’ve been so focused on getting everything else in order that I sort of neglected my own style and relied on last year’s looks and my old fallback outfits instead of continuing to shop my own closet and finding new looks for myself.

However, when I was pulling clothes for my look this morning, I was also thinking of how to describe my look and style as I knew I would have to present it to everyone else in the meeting. As I thought about what pieces I’ve been drawn to over the last few weeks as fall clothing started coming in, I realized what I was looking for.

I live in a classic silhouette of pieces in bold colors and patterns, with intricate details and attention to every part of my appearance. Without further ado, let me show you the outfit I chose for myself:

It’s all down to the details here. The colors in the Pilcro leggings and the cardigan are very me–I’m really into colored pants this fall–but what really makes this outfit are the little details. I layered two chunky necklaces together to make a real statement up top, but the detailed pull on the boots is important, too. I included a bottle of nail polish because I paint my nails at least every third day, if not sooner than that, because that’s the kind of thing that’s important to me. Whether or not we realize it, we pay attention to details like that. I do, at least, and I always want to make a good impression.

If you click on the image, you’ll be able to see all of the items for sale.

What are you wearing for fall this year?


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