The Republicans drove our economy into a ditch. So we got down there, we put on our boots and we pushed and we shoved and we were sweatin’. And there’s the Republicans, watching us. They’re sippin’ on a slurpee. They were pointing at us, saying, “How come you’re not pushing harder? How come you’re not pushing faster?” When we finally get the car onto level ground, heading in the right direction, they see the scratches and shout to everyone, “Look what these guys did to your car!” And then they’ve got the nerve to ask for the keys back! I don’t wanna give ’em the keys back. They don’t know how to drive!

Perfect analogy from President Obama made in a 2010 speech, but I can’t stress how relevant this still is. As the election nears, we need to remember just exactly how much Obama has done for us and how far his administration has pulled us back from the collapse we were nearing under the Bush administration. Votes matter, friends. Make this year count.

Can’t really sum up the last four years any better than this.