window shopper wishlist: candle edition

Something you may not know about me is that I love candles. I love for rooms to smell nice, but I don’t love air fresheners or anything that doesn’t do the job as well as a candle.

My favorite candle in the entire world is the Capri Blue Volcano. In the last couple of years I have not found a candle that smells better or lasts longer than this guy. You can buy them at a lot of places, but I know that both Anthropologie and Francesca’s Collections sell them (I may or may not only know that because I have worked at both of those places in the last two years).

Seriously, though, this is the best candle ever made. I’ve talked with literally hundreds of people about this candle and every single one of them has said the same thing. It is so good. The jar tends to be a bit higher priced, at about $28, but it burns 100 hours and is totally worth it.


Next, we have the Boulangerie line of candles, specifically the Whipped Cream & Pear and Angel Food candles. I mean, all of them smell exactly like you’d expect them to. Angel Food smells like you’re baking cookies–seriously, I always think someone has brought cookies in when this one burns at Anthro. I have a Whipped Cream & Pear one at home (burning right now, actually), and it literally smells like whipped cream and pears.

Finally, I’m obsessed with WoodWick candles, too. These were my favorite for a long time, until I was introduced to the Volcano. The cool thing about WoodWick is that the wick, as you can see below, is actually made of wood. Therefore, when you burn it, the wick crackles, so you can actually hear it burning. It feels just like you’re sitting outside at a real fire.

This post brought to you by nothing more than the fact that I have become the person who loves to burn candles at all times. But if anyone wants to send me free candles, I’m totally down for that.

What are your favorite candles? Do you have a favorite brand? Any favorite scents?