Summer in the City: Mom’s Visit

A few weeks ago, I received a visitor to my humble city: my mom! She came up for about a week, just to visit and have a little vacay/staycay, and we had the absolute best time. It was the first time I’d seen her since I moved last December, so we had a really great time catching up and doing all sorts of fun things.

I love having visitors because it gives me an excuse to do all of the touristy things with people that I love. We definitely hit up the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art while she was here, and though there are never enough hours in a day for a museum, we had a fantastic time. This picture is from the current exhibit at the MoMA on the American Housing Crisis. This exhibit took five specific cities in the US that suffer presently from severe poverty and basic economic collapse, and made each one a specific solution that would best benefit the climate and economy of that area. It was all incredibly fascinating, and I definitely intend to make a trip back.
You can never have enough gratuitous pictures of NYC out the window, right?

We visited the Met Museum mid-afternoon on a Thursday, which was actually a great time to go. It wasn’t dead, but it wasn’t crazy busy, either. I love going to the Met (for a million reasons, but this time) because it’s just so amazing to get to see all of the artwork up close. I’ve always been in love with Impressionism, and getting to see so much of the original European artwork from a few feet away is just unimaginably the best thing in the world to me. Plus, I always feel like I encounter something new at the museum, even within the permanent collections. There’s just something so refreshing about art collections.

Perhaps our favorite thing at the Met Museum was the rooftop exhibit, Cloud City, by Tomas Saraceno. It reminded me vaguely of the Bean in Chicago (which I haven’t actually been to, but I’ve seen a million pictures of). I mean, what else do you do with a giant reflective surface other than take pictures of yourself?

Of course, you can’t visit New York without seeing a show, and we chose to go see Jersey Boys, which is the chronological narrative of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. It wasn’t a show that I used to think I wanted to see, but it did win some Tonys a few years ago and I do like the music of the Four Seasons, so off we went. And, man, let me tell you, it was so much fun! I had no idea that I knew so much of their music, though “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was one of my favorite songs growing up, and we just could not have had a better time.Plus, we had zerts at Junior’s down the street after, and we got to see the massive crowd gather outside Evita for Ricky Martin. So that was pretty good, too.

All in all, it couldn’t have been a better trip. It was hotter than anything when she was here, but we got a couple of high-powered fans and made it work. We had some great meals, some great stories, and did a whole lot of great shopping. I miss my family so much, and having my mom here was just the most fun.