surviving east coast spring.

Weather is a funny thing in Oklahoma. In the winter, which generally starts in late October, it stays about fifty degrees with a few bouts of serious storm weather. Then in May, you have an almost immediate shift into summer, where it’s at least eighty-five degrees but probably more like one hundred (or higher). And unless it’s a rainy summer, it stays blisteringly hot until October rolls back around, at which time it drops back down to winter temperatures. I guess Oklahoma (and Texas) never got the memo on seasons, because technically there is no spring or autumn.

However, New York seems to have been pretty good with the spring weather memo, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I haven’t been very good at handling it. More than once I’ve gone ahead and dressed like summer, rolling my eyes at a spring jacket, and, well, I was cold. Even a low chance of rain here means that you should still take an umbrella and a rain jacket because, at some point, it’s still going to rain. And in a walking city, you definitely don’t want to be caught in that rain without an umbrella.

And after a few weeks, I’ve decided that spring probably isn’t going to go away if I ignore it. So it’s time to really go all out and dress for the season. I assume I have at least another month until it starts to really be consistently sweltering every day, so there’s plenty of time for practice.

However, a light coat isn’t always the only answer. Aside from the obvious cardigan, accessorizing is apparently the key to surviving spring. Tights and scarves, people. Tights and scarves. There are never too many good ways to tie a scarf when your main objective isn’t making sure that your neck isn’t going to get so cold that your head falls off your body. Here are a few scarves I’ve been eyeing lately:

francesca’s| anthro | gap

Though I am absolutely dying for summer to get here–I’ll always take being hot over being cold–I’m more than a little excited to put together spring outfits. There’s nothing like a new fashion challenge, right? And while I know I may be a little behind my city right now, I do live in a fashion capitol, which means that inspiration is literally around every corner.

What are your favorite spring looks? How do you like to wear your scarves?

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