Birthday Giveaway: $24 for 24

Did you ever get cash for your birthday growing up? You know, the kind of gift where you get exactly as many dollars as years you are old? I used to, but magically that seemed to stop after 21 and I started getting giftcards or household items – but as I am trying to say I’m an adult without feeling like an impostor, I think I prefer the latter now.

It’s my birthday, guys! That’s right – I’m 24 today. I felt like I was still scraping by as a fresh-faced college graduate at 23, but at 24 I think I have to accept that I’m a real adult today. Or, at least, I’m trying to be one.

When I was growing up, I always used to think that there’s no way I would make it to being an adult. Not that I thought I was going to die or anything, but that I simply couldn’t put it in my brain that I was going to be living on my own, working at least one Real Job, and making my way in the world. I still can’t believe it most of the time, even though I’m literally living that now. Every day is a surprise to me that I’ve made it this far, and I’ll take this moment to pat myself on the back. You should, too, because every new day is a day you didn’t expect and a day that you should be proud of.

Anyway, what I’m saying here is that while I’m out celebrating this wonderful day, you should be celebrating me, too. I mean, what’s a birthday if not a day that you get to celebrate yourself? I never said this wasn’t a narcissism blog, but I’m really putting it out there today.

In celebration of me, I’m giving away a $24 virtual giftcard to my Etsy store!

Each of these nets you one entry:

  • Comment here!
  • Tweet about this (and be sure to mention me @baileymichelle so I see it)
  • Post about it on your blog and link me to the post here
  • Buy something from my Etsy store within the giveaway time frame

All entries will be compiled into a list and a winner picked via Open to US/Canada only (sorry!).

So what are you waiting for? You have until Saturday, May 12th, to enter, and the winner will be announced on my blog on Sunday the 13th. Do it to it, friends!


13 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway: $24 for 24

  1. I’ve been subscribed to you for a while now and I just want to say that i really enjoy reading your blog! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday, as mentioned previously on Tumblr. Also, I love all your little trinkets 🙂

  3. Hope you had a fantastic New York-y birthday!! 🙂 I’m planning on coming to NYC in September for Fashion Night Out… I better see you!!

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