market day.

Okay, before we get started, I’m going to have you look at this picture of a slider from the Seoul Food truck that I  had the other day and you’re going to be jealous of how delicious it was. Seriously though. Amahzing.

But now, on to the market! Overall, I had a really great time and met a couple of really great people. I did pretty well for myself, too.

Here are a few pictures of my booth – I kind of scrambled to get things together at the last minute, but I still think it looked pretty good. And because it wouldn’t be a craft post without me plugging my Etsy, I added everything I made last week to my online store today. It’s at least thirty new items, so please click through and check it all out!

I had a great time at the Astoria Market and I plan to do some market touring around the Brooklyn and Queens area this summer, so keep your eyes peeled for when I’ll be near you. I always bring more to market than is available online at first, so being there in person is your best chance of getting something truly original.

As I mentioned above, some of this jewelry is still available online, so please go check it out! I know these pictures are kind of rough (indoors, etc), but my product photography is much better! Great prices on lots of new earrings and rings 🙂


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