The time I beat Apartment Therapy to a Craigslist find.

I know, I know – I’m that person. I keep saying that I have things to talk about but no time to write – and right now that’s true! For the quick rundown, I just moved into my new apartment this past weekend and I got offered a job and things are pretty much the best right now. I feel like I’m kind of on top of the world.

But I haven’t had time to throw together a picture post, mostly because my new apartment still looks like a bomb went off in it, since we’ve only been here two days and, uh, don’t really have any furniture. But after Wednesday I should have a lot more stuff and then I’ll work on showing you the new place so you can all get green with your NYC envy. I know, I’m awful.

The reason I’m posting tonight, though, is that my roommate Layne and I went on a Craigslist furniture pick-up spree tonight. It’s shocking what people are trying to give away for free at the end of the month because they’re moving. I love New York for that (and other things, but tonight, that).

On our last stop, we went to pick up a mid-century style bookcase that I’d happened to see on Craigslist the night before. I’d sent Layne a picture of it, and she mentioned that she’d seen it on Apartment Therapy. I assumed she just meant the style, and was mildly impressed with myself for being so hip, as I so often am not.

HOWEVER, when we picked it up, we quickly realized that this was, indeed, the actual bookcase from Apartment Therapy. The site does daily Craigslist finds for major cities, and this was one of the ads they picked to showcase. Look, I even took a screencap to prove it!

There it is! So mod. So perfect.

Anyway, we told the girl we picked it up from, and she had no idea, either – she said she thought that was why she had gotten so many emails about it! I guess I was super lucky to have seen it right when it went up (as you do when you’re trawling the Craigslist Free ads all night for furniture), and to have been the first person to ask.

And now it’s sitting in my bedroom, with a couple of things on it, looking oh so hip between my windows. I want to wait until my room is a little more presentable to show it to you, but I wanted everyone to know that I can’t believe I got lucky enough to beat Apartment Therapy readers to this fabulous bookcase.

My first real piece of furniture in New York 🙂 Life is turning out alright, you know? How can it not be when this is the view out my window and I can see the Empire State Building from my bedroom? Brooklyn, I love you.