Cats and Etsy, a match made in Internet heaven.

Yesterday was one of the nicest days in NYC since I’ve been here (almost 70 outside!), and spending the afternoon out in the sun really gave me the oomph necessary to get productive and get some things done. Namely, I finished a book, played with kitties at the pet store for a good half hour, then came home and made a few new pieces for my Etsy.

I have to finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for my book club meeting in a few days, so I’m putting off A Storm of Swords until then. I know – it’s killing me! But I’m enjoying the former, too, so it’s not so bad. Choosing between good books – the bane of a literature lover’s existence, right?

On my walk back from the coffee shop, though, I noticed that the pet store had its doors open and its kitties out for visiting! So, naturally I had to stop and meet them all. I want a cat so badly, but I know I can’t afford it right now. When I can, though, it’s going to be a glorious day. Until then, I’m going to be that person who’s always at the pet store. I’m going to look into volunteering as soon as I get my job situation nailed down, although I know that’ll be less glamorous than playing with pets all day. But it’ll still be worth it to be around animals. I never thought I’d miss my pets so much! These are the two kitties I photographed today.

And now, here are a few things I put together for my Etsy shop last night. These took more work than a lot of my previous pieces, hence the slight jump in price. I’m very proud of them, and I’d love to ship them off to you! I made most of them with spring and summer in mind, clearly.

These are only a few of the items I posted, though, so be sure to click through to see the rest!