The weekend my best friends came to visit.

A few weeks ago, my best friends James and Rebekah came to visit NYC and I got to see them for a few days. I have missed them so much! Okay, so Rebekah was going to be here for the next week for a music intensive, but I like to pretend that they came solely to see me.

We had such a great time. I haven’t done all of the tourist things in NYC, so we crossed a few of those off our lists, and just had a great time. They arrived mid-day Saturday, and that night we had tickets to see Seminar with Alan Rickman. Before the show, all we could talk about was how close we were about to be to Alan Rickman. Little did we know!

Seminar was incredible, by the way. If you have the chance to see it, you need to. Alan Rickman is the teacher of a four-student writing seminar, and it’s very make-it-or-break-it. I absolutely loved it and would love to see it again.

After the show, we decided to stand at the stage door and see what we could see. Uh, okay, well, we saw Alan Rickman. Like the star he is, he let the other four actors come through the line first (because they were completely deserving of attention and he would have overshadowed them), and then he came out.

He came right over to where we were (and he brought his own Sharpie because he is a saint), and I immediately stuck out my Playbill, and he signed it! Rebekah got hers signed, too, and we thought we were almost dead.

And then I grabbed a quick photo of Rebekah with Alan Rickman in the background, which is just great. He turned around after this to sign other stuff, so I couldn’t get one, but having a signed Playbill pretty much made it worth it. If you know Rebekah, you know that there probably isn’t a bigger Alan Rickman fan in the world, ever.

One of my favorite things we did was go to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building and got some amazing city shots. However, we went at about 8:30 on a Sunday morning, which was great because there was literally no line to get in, and we could take as many uncrowded pictures as we wanted. The down side? It was wind chill colder than 10 degrees outside. YEP. Despite my face nearly falling off, though, I got a few shots that I absolutely love. First, a northern view of Manhattan – you can see Central Park wayyyyy up there. I’m addicted to doctoring landscapes, so this one has a little bit of that in it, too – but I can’t say I regret it. Hello, new Facebook Timeline cover photo (already done it).

Then I have a couple of great shots of all of us. I think this is the only picture we have of James doing a normal face (but the other ones were hilarious, too). Yes, we’re inside, taking a picture reflected from the mirrors all around the inside. It was too cold! Plus, this let us get a great shot of all of us. Isn’t it crazy how great an iPhone picture can be?

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. There will never be a better best friend than Rebekah. She is the best, and I am in love with this picture. Aren’t we adorable in our winter wear? PS Do you like my glasses? Christmas present to myself 🙂

And then, because I’m a clown, I sent this picture to my dad, who told me the high for OKC that day was 72 degrees. This was the last picture I took before we went inside. It was just really, really cold that day, okay? Brr! Worth it to be up there, but man, it was cold. I totally look like some sort of hipster with this lens flare, though, right? Instead of just a girl who wishes she would have also worn her earmuffs.

After this, we had brunch with one of Rebekah’s friends from Si Parla, Si Canta (2010), and then did an NBC Studio Tour. No pictures allowed there, unfortunately. That night, we had dinner at Lombardi’s (which was amazing), and James had gotten mystery tickets to a show for that night and he took us to it. He had gotten us tickets for Rent! We had such a great time, and the show was really great. Somehow, I didn’t get any pictures then – sorry!

It was such an amazing weekend, and I can’t wait to see them again. I had been feeling a little homesick, and seeing my best friends in the world was so refreshing. Hear that? Anyone else who wants to come visit, please do!


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