My copy of The Fault in Our Stars came yesterday, but I haven’t read it yet. I know.

For the past few years, I’ve been a fan of author, vlogger, and Nerdfighter John Green. I’ve loved all of his books, and when it was announced early last year that his new book would be out in early 2012, I went on high alert. In July of last year (July! Six months ago! What?), preorders were available, and I wavered. Then he announced that he was signing all preorders, and I jumped on the chance. Then it was announced that he was signing the entire first print run, and, well, I had already preordered, so I still won.

If you’re a Vlogbrothers fan, you’ve probably seen at least one of John’s signing videos. He had to sign over 150,000 bookplates for the first print run, which is a whole lot of signing, when you get down to it.

I don’t know about for him, but for the rest of us, it was totally worth it when we got our signed preorders in the mail yesterday.

However, there’s more! What? Yes!

After I’d preordered the book, the announcement came out that there would be a very limited edition run of the audiobook read by the author. As the official audiobook is read by Kate Rudd, this is a one-time-only deal, so obviously I had to jump on it. Like everyone I’ve ever talked to, hearing an audiobook in the author’s voice is so rewarding, and I can’t wait. This hasn’t arrived yet, but I should have it sometime next week, once it gets to my parents’ house and they’re able to forward it on to me in New York (oh, the trials of moving).

– Six CDs of me reading The Fault in Our Stars.
– One DVD including eight bonus videos in which I discuss themes from the book, visit settings, talk about different inspirations, and explore the ways the nerdfighter community shaped (and made possible) the story I ended up writing.
– A wristband for The Hectic Glow, a band so beautifully underground that they don’t even exist.
– An awesome concert ticket for The Hectic Glow, a concert so epic that it never technically occurred.
– Four TFiOS-themed postcards designed by nerdfighters that you can send to your friend to brag that you own the John Green-narrated audiobook and they don’t.

Doesn’t that sound great? I’m pretty excited. Hopefully I’ll get to crack TFIOS sometime in the next few days, now that A Big Picture Window has launched and things seem to be moving at a more constant pace.

Have you read TFIOS yet? Are you going to read it?