Secret Santa reveal :)

About a month ago, one of my dear blogger friends Mary of Babble+Bloom posted about putting together a Secret Santa exchange for a small group of ladybloggers. Naturally, I took her up on that offer because it sounded so completely awesome, and I was not disappointed.

Though I admit I’m a little late in posting this (sorry!), I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I was to receive my own package in the mail around Christmastime. I mentioned in my “about me” for the exchange that I love to read and that basically I’m a huge nerd, and I am so excited to say that Elena of Caffeinerd definitely came through for me! Check it out below.

I have no idea where my copy of Ella Enchanted is, and really, since I didn’t bring any books with me when I moved, it’s great to have an old favorite on my shelf again. And would you believe I’ve actually never read The Witches? I know, who am I? I’m thrilled to death with these two books.

Aren’t these Harry Potter prints completely awesome? They came from the SparrowsNestScript Etsy store. I want to just frame them together and hang them up. I know that’s a bookmark, but I can’t bear to potentially mess it up by actually using it. That’s why I can never have bookmarks – I always wind up losing or tearing them, and I can’t bear to do that so I just hoard them. It’s weird, I know.

Thank you so much, Elena! I love every single thing here, and I am so excited to know you now. Everyone be sure to check out her blog, Caffeinerd.


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  1. So glad you liked everything! 🙂 I’m a bookmark hoarder, too. I think I still have a pile from childhood in my old desk.

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