Bridal portraits, SantaCon, and not very much wind.

I have only two things to say:
1. I present you this picture:

Yes, this is Grand Central Terminal this afternoon. Not only did someone decide this was an ideal time to take bridal portraits (hint: mid-day on a Saturday in December was not an ideal time), but today was also SantaCon. As far as I can tell, SantaCon basically consists of people dressing up in Santa and/or Christmas outfits and roaming GCT and Manhattan. I’ve never seen so many Santas in my life, and it was fantastic.

2. New York needs to suck it up about it being windy, because this is nothing compared to Oklahoma. I wandered Brooklyn last night with Kailee and Katie, and I’ve never heard so many complaints about the wind in my life. And – this wind was, like, an occasional cool gentle breeze. But you know what? I’ll take it. I’m not asking for more wind – Oklahoma, you can keep that one in your hat for when I visit. Deal?

2 thoughts on “Bridal portraits, SantaCon, and not very much wind.

    • I agree! I’m sure their pictures turned out beautifully – I just thought a different time would have been better. But that marble is gorgeous!

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