How I moved most of my nail polish collection cross-country.

First, you should know that I have a mildly substantial nail polish collection. It’s nowhere near what you’d see in a salon, but at the same time, it’s not exactly something I’m willing to just leave behind when I move. That seems like a waste of money.

And second, when I realized I was moving across the country, I started looking online for ways to transport nail polish. I already knew that you can’t send nail polish through the air, in a plane or in a box, so the only option there was ground shipping. And that was cool, because I was already sending some boxes via FedEx, so I could just tuck those polishes in one of those boxes.

But then – how do you pack nail polish?

I looked and looked, and couldn’t find a very good blog post anywhere on how to move nail polish. So, naturally, I decided to write one. First, I sat down and separated what I was going to take with me. I knew I didn’t have room for all of these, so I was only taking my favorites (which, as you’ll see, is still a lot).

Then I taped all of my polishes down in an easily-foldable pattern on bubble wrap, as seen here. You can get bubble wrap really cheap at any superstore – I’ve bought it at both Walmart and Target (don’t get it at the post office, it’s super expensive there). In retrospect, I wish I’d left a little more bubble wrap between the polishes, but that’s just a personal preference. They all made it fine, so I’m not worried. Yes, the yellow tape is double-sided – because I ran out of regular. It was fine. Useful later, but not necessary.

Then I rolled that sucker up into this weird-looking log of nail polishes. I had to wrap my base coat separately, since it didn’t fit into the pattern. After I rolled them all up, I got out a roll of packing tape and wrapped it to death in that. Taking no chances here, folks.

Finally, I got two one-gallon Ziploc bags. I stuck the log in one of them and it was too long, so I wrapped that one in a little packing tape so it would stick. Then I stuck that one inside the other Ziploc bag, and as you can see below, taped that one up more than anything I’ve ever taped in my life.

And, to my delight, they arrived safely and without incident. Unwrapping them has proven to be another chore (so much packing tape!), but it was definitely worth it.

Have you moved nail polish – how did you do it? Moved anything else that was fragile?