Moving to New York, Part One: The Prep

I’m sorry I haven’t been as present in the past few weeks – I’ve had quite a bit of exciting news lately, and preparing for The Big Move was quite an undertaking.

All in all, though, I couldn’t have asked for an easier time. I had three flights on Sunday starting at 6:45, which meant I had to be up by 4:30 and out the door by about 4:50. Yes, that was hard. But ultimately, all of my flights were incredibly smooth, no delays, and everything went so perfectly.

But first – you need to know about the prep week. First, we had James’s birthday, and the only photo evidence I have of that is this picture of me and his and Rebekah’s dog, Desmond. This is just before Rebekah and I went inside to order the ice cream cake, and Desmond thought it would be a good idea to snarf down about half of Rebekah’s previously-untouched peppermint frappuccino. Whoops! This iron-clad stomach seemed fine with it, though. After you’ve eaten a half-pan of brownies overnight with no incident, you’re pretty much limitless, right?

Friday night we had my official going-away party, featuring these delicious desserts. I thought the chocolate-dipped marshmallows were the most beautiful food on the table, though they all looked incredibly delicious. My mom is a really great baker. I said I wanted to have a cosmopolitan black-and-white dessert bar, and she more than came through for me. Cakeballs, brown eyed susans, peppermint torte, black-and-white pinwheels, salted chocolate cookies, chocolate swirl graham cookies, snowball cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, and more. Absolutely delicious.

Then…the packing. I started this on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I didn’t really kick it into high gear until Thursday. This is my room after everything exploded.

And here you have the four boxes I shipped on Thursday – that I received this evening. I’m so happy they got here on time! I have one more overflow box, but I didn’t ship it until Saturday, so I’m not expecting it until later this week.

And the rest of my belongings, packed into two suitcases. They both weighed in at just under 50 pounds at the airport. Believe me, I was sweating it that morning. I’d weighed them, but it was still a pretty scary situation. I never want to be rearranging my suitcase at 5 AM at the airport. Yuck. Fortunately, I was in the clear, so I hugged and kissed my family, and off I went through security.


Three flights later (to ATL and BWI on to LGA), I was in New York. And I’ve only been here a little over 24 hours, but I already know that I belong. I’ve missed it so much since I was here two years ago, and this really does feel like the right place for me. This is the time for me to live it up and take every opportunity, and I am so relieved to have finally arrived.

Now, on to finding a full-time job! If you know of any in the city, email me! I’m only a little bit kidding 🙂

Moving across the country is definitely an exercise in prioritization, though. As I sorted and packed and boxed up my belongings, I started to see things that I knew I didn’t want anymore. Things that I had once loved or that had once meant a lot to me now seemed like a waste of space, and I knew someone else would want them more than I did. So really, this packing experience was really an exercise in paring down my own life. As everyone knows, New York is the city of compact living, so I knew there was no way I was going to be able to continue my trinket-packrat ways. So with that, I sliced the sum of my belongings in half, and only brought what I needed (okay, and some fun things, but you need those, too). Yes, I was worried I’d regret some of them, but I really haven’t.

Have you moved recently? What have you found to be the easiest and hardest parts of leaving your life as it stood behind you?


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