New York, New York, the FAQ: A Ramble and Some Lists

Hello again, friends! Apologies for my absence the last few weeks – it’s been a very, very busy past month or so for me. I’ve had lots of good news and a little bad news (hard drive failure is really good for setting you back a few weeks), but let’s focus on the good.

The Big News, if you haven’t already heard. I’m moving to New York on the first weekend in December to work for DailyLit, the company I interned for in 2009. Without getting into too many details, this is a wonderful opportunity that will provide me with even greater opportunities in the future. Basically, this is the start of me living my dream.

Now, I have a few lists to share with you:

1. Things You Have to Do To Move to NYC When You’re Me

  • Go to the bank and get a debit card that doesn’t have your 17-year-old face on it.
  • Get a new driver’s license since it expires in January
  • Get your favorite shoes resoled so you can take them
  • Buy a new winter coat and waterproof boots
  • Decide what stays and what goes. Harder than you’d think.
  • Figure out how to take as much stuff as possible in one trip. On a plane.
  • Start missing all of your friends and family before you even leave.

2. Things People Ask You When They Find Out You’re Moving to NYC

  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you have a place to live?
  • What kind of shoes are you going to wear?
  • But you’re coming back for Christmas, right?
  • Are you going to go to all of the late night shows and stalk celebrities?
  • So is it going to be like Sex and the City?

3. Things People Will Say To You That They Probably Shouldn’t

  • I know this guy who lives in New York and he’s single. Let me give you his number! You’ll definitely click.
  • You know, it’s really dangerous up there. Are you sure you can handle it?
  • Some people just have to get these wild hairs out of their system, and then they come back home.
  • So, you’re missing Christmas with your family. How do they feel about that?
  • Everyone in New York wears all black. You’ll have to get rid of all of your bright colors.
  • Well, sometimes you just think you need to go “find yourself.”

I guess I can’t really fault all of the weird questions I’m asked. From the reactions I’m getting, most of the confusion is from people who haven’t been to New York. And yes, it can be a scary place, if you’re not being smart. But I lived there for a few months, and I’m completely comfortable with travel and huge cities. I’ve done a lot of traveling over the past few years. I’m looking forward to this so much.

Honestly, you’d think I was denouncing everything in my life and running away to join the circus. And this is such a big upheaval in my life that sometimes it feels that way. But don’t worry, friends – I’ll be back home at some point. Probably not to stay, barring disaster, but it’s not like you’ll never see me again.

So that’s basically what’s going on in my life right now. It’s been a bit overwhelming since it all came on so quickly, but I’m perfectly confident in my ability to handle it.

I’m really, really excited about this, regardless of how silly I may have seemed here. I think this is an incredible opportunity and I can’t believe my luck.

Thoughts? Advice? Interesting things? Inappropriate questions? I’ll take them all.

5 thoughts on “New York, New York, the FAQ: A Ramble and Some Lists

  1. Oh my goodness, top two things said to me regarding New York: “Isn’t it scary??” and the recommendation to get rid of my bright clothes because everyone wears black. My dad tried for ages to get me to buy a new backpack because mine is pink and I would “stand out as a tourist.” Or people always give the complinsult of, “Oh, I love New York….but I would NEVER live there.” Whatever, I know you know what to do–do your thing and don’t care if they like it.

  2. Congrats on fulfilling the dream to live/work in NY! I’m blessed to live nearby in Jersey which isn’t quite NY but close enough to visit often. Good luck with the packing, traveling, and missing loved ones back home. Some advice is leave behind your basic-wear (plain tees/jeans/etc). There’s thrift stores a plenty in the city that you can score a lot of those along with some awesome vintage accessories. Definitely get a good quality winter coat. Depending where you live, research (yelp is the best) supermarkets or (cheap) restaurants near your neighborhood for your first few weeks. Don’t be afraid of trying all sorts of ethnic food but again, do your research first. Oh, and do be a tourist when you can. It’s cheesy but use the opportunity to discover some of the things that makes NY.. NY.
    Oops, this came out to be longer but anyway.. good luck with everything! Can’t wait to see what adventures come your way ❤

  3. I’m fairly certain that all of the negative comments I’ve gotten about big leaps I’ve taken have been from those who are afraid to take such leaps themselves. I’m not trying to imply anything about the people who have made off comments to you, but I do think that what you are doing is likely something that lots of people want to do 🙂 All of this boils down to me trying to say congratulations! You should be so proud of the steps you have taken to get here, and I can’t wait to hear more, lovely!!

  4. I’m not sure what list this goes in. Where will you go to church? And your family is really excited you’ve got this great opportunity and wishes you all the best. There will be sad times when we wish you were here, or you might wish we were there, but all in all those will be cancelled out by the great adventure and experiences of life. Social media makes it so much easier to stay connected. So congratulations and go forth with the gifts you’ve got! It’s a blessing to have children, and a blessing to send them out into the world knowing they’re equipped to do good and be well.

  5. I’m excited to have you at DailyLit! Thought I’d chime in to let your dad know that there are plenty of churches in the neighborhood. And he shouldn’t worry, we’ll be watching out for you! Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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