I’m now officially a published author!

Yes – there are no gimmicks here. Thanks in every way to the Consortium, one of my short stories is now published in the first issue of the quarterly short story spec fic e-magazine, A Consortium of Worlds.

A Consortium of Worlds is your window into Consortium Books’s outstanding stable of speculative fiction authors. A Consortium of Worlds is a showcase of new and innovative voices in all types of fiction from a publisher dedicated to allowing every writer his or her own voice. There are no slaves to trends or what’s-hot lists here, only writers imagining newer and brighter vistas of unseen tomorrows, untold yesterdays, unknown todays, and untouched worlds of pure imagination.

A Consortium of Worlds is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine showcasing the talents of Consortium Books’s array of authors. In this issue you’ll find stories by:

Jessie Sanders
Joshua Unruh
Thomas Beard
Becca J. Campbell
Courtney Cantrell
Bailey Thomas
Aaron Pogue

Sounds pretty exciting, right? First, a definition. What’s spec fic? Wikipedia describes it as “an umbrella term encompassing the more fantastical fiction genres, specifically science fictionfantasy,horrorsupernatural fictionsuperhero fictionutopian and dystopian fictionapocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history in literature as well as related static, motion, and virtual arts.”

My short story is entitled “Collision,” and is an excerpt of a larger work, to (hopefully) be published in 2012. It stars Evie Grimme, a young adult who finds herself catapulted into a world she’s only visited in her dreams ever night for the past year. Bewildered by a post-steampunk alternate universe, she must figure out if this is yet another dream or if she somehow found her way into this other universe. And if she crossed over, why is she there and will she be able to get back?

Available from Amazon for a $2.99 download, this e-mag contains seven stories and reviews by different Consortium authors.

And if you didn’t catch it in the first paragraph, this is a continuing effort. The plan is to put forth quarterly issues, so there will be another one in just a few short months. We’re already grinding away at the issue for January, so the bar is only raised from here! All of these stories are fantastic and I’m proud to know each of these writers.

So check it out and let me know what you think, for sure!


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