Let’s talk about the Emmys 2011.

As a self-proclaimed TV addict, I suppose I need to make an Emmys post. The awards show could not have been timed more perfectly this year, coming the weekend before all of the network shows start again. If you want to read along, here’s a good win list from the Washington Post.

Jane Lynch was a fabulous host, with many wonderful costume changes. I’m glad she finally got to showcase some of her talent to her newer audiences who may not be as familiar with her previous work (if you haven’t seen the Christopher Guest mockumentary set, get yourself on it right now).

Many, many congratulations to Modern Family – all awards well-deserved. While it would have been wonderful to see Parks & Rec get some recognition for being the most flawless show on television right now, I know that the Modern Family cast and crew have worked just as hard and have developed an almost-equally fantastic show.

A few of my favorite speeches include…

Julie Bowen, Modern Family, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Ty Burrell, Modern Family, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Other things I enjoyed:

  • The cast of Entourage accepting an award on Dame Maggie Smith’s behalf.
  • Seeing Greg Kinnear several times in the audience. Just go with it. I love him.
  • The Lonely Island live mashup
  • Kyle Chandler winning for Friday Night Lights and my entire watch party going, “Bomb squad guy! Yeah!” See, Shonda? Grey’s could have won an Emmy if you’d kept him around.
Things that were weird and I did not like them:
  • The Emmytones. Listen, I like Zach Levi, Cobie Smulders (ladycrush, for sure), Taraji P Henson, Kate Flannery, Wilmer Valderrama and Joel McHale, but seriously? Who did they all owe a favor to? Embarrassing.
  • Charlie Sheen’s speech. Actually, I have so much distaste for him that I think I watched this, but I can’t remember a word he said. I was just thinking bad thoughts about him. Or maybe I went to the bathroom. Eh. Didn’t miss out on anything, I’m sure.

However, the show stealer of the night belongs to the beautiful women of the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy award. If this video doesn’t make you tear up a little bit with happiness, you’re doing something wrong with your life.

And, more than being hilarious, this award speaks volumes. For a show about a plus-sized couple to win an Emmy? That’s a big deal. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I couldn’t be more thrilled for Ms McCarthy. Such a beautiful and multifaceted actress – it’s about time she won an Emmy for her work.

All in all, this was one of the better Emmy Awards. No one seemed bored by their wins. In fact, most winners were first-timers, and had appropriately freaked-out reactions. That’s the way it should be.

What did you think? Agree with the wins?


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