New Job + New Etsy Listings

First of all, when did it become August? I don’t think I gave permission for that to happen. It feels like just yesterday that it was March or April, doesn’t it? I guess this is how it goes when you get older. Everyone’s starting to go back to school – my cousin just went up to OSU for recruitment this afternoon – and it’s weird to no longer be that person. Thrilling, but weird.

It’s been a busy past week, and I don’t really have a lot of news. I started a new job in an office, so that’s kept me pretty dang busy all of the weekdays. I really like it so far – I probably won’t talk about it much because that sounds boring, and there are more interesting things to talk about.

One thing I do like about having open evenings and weekends now is that I have a little more free time, which I’ve lately spent crafting and updating my Etsy. I’ve added a lot of new items and made some policy changes, but overall it’s still the same. Here are a few of my new favorite things – pictures are the links.

How can you not love this sweet little Dalek bookmark? I don’t know, if no one buys him this week I may delist and keep him because he’s so cute. Just excuse the Doctor Who nerdness if you don’t know what this is. It’s fine.

This little nest necklace is similar to my others, except it’s about a third of the size, as you can see here.

And, of course, these cutie little owl-stamped gift tags. This whole set didn’t completely turn out, so they’re 50% off. If you want a fully stamped set, on any color cardstock, let me know and I’ll whip some up for you.

Not a whole lot else interesting has happened around here lately. Stay tuned for a cubicle then-and-now post – it’s my first time to decorate a cubicle (hopefully this isn’t a recurring pattern), so I’m kind of excited about it. I’ll keep you posted.