Spotify and Google Chrome, or, Two things I don’t quite have the hang of yet.

Well, this is embarrassing. I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy, especially when it comes to things like music players. And Internet browsers. I mean, come on, how basic does it get? Where did I come from, 1997?

But here’s the deal. Over the last two weeks I have downloaded both Spotify and Google Chrome – fine, I paid for Spotify, whatever – and I have not yet been able to see what makes them so fantastic.

I mean, they’re pretty good, as far as they go in their own categories. I don’t dislike them, and I don’t really intend to stop using them. But let’s go one at a time, lest we get too half-baked here.

Spotify. Social media meets music player? Is that what this is? Because…I don’t really understand the social part of it. Someone’s going to have to explain it to me. It’s linked to my Facebook, I know, because all of my friends who have it are lined up in a sidebar. And I was able to import all of my iTunes music into it. I guess that was good, too.

The one thing I have found so far that I thought was super neat was being able to add songs that I don’t own to a playlist and play them anytime. You know, any time I have Spotify open on my laptop. Which is fine, as I don’t really listen to much music outside of that window of opportunity.

But there must be more to Spotify – what am I missing? What should I be doing since I am paying for this service?

And on to Google Chrome.

Ok, so, I’m going to be totally honest. I’ve been using Safari for a while. Is that, like, the Internet Explorer of Macs? Jokes! Nothing is as bad as Internet Explorer.

But seriously – after hearing people rave and rave about it, I finally decided to check it out.

And I’m not that impressed.

Mine doesn’t really run that much faster, it doesn’t really integrate my Google+ like I thought it might, and it doesn’t really make surfing the Webz that much faster or easier. Again, is there some big chunk of the Internet that I’m missing here? I’ve really tried to cut back on my open tabs, keeping it to only three to eight tabs at a time (as opposed to about 30. yes. really.), but that hasn’t really made a difference.

What can I add or change about Chrome to make it better?

I did add a Vera Wang skin, so that’s pretty and I like that. But otherwise…I’m a little stumped.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like these things? Do you prefer others? Tell me your thoughts.

One thought on “Spotify and Google Chrome, or, Two things I don’t quite have the hang of yet.

  1. I just downloaded Spotify tonight, and I’m pretty stoked about it. I think it’s going to be awesome for when new albums come out and I don’t know if I should buy them or not. I can get some good listens in before deciding. I don’t listen to music in my car or on my iPod a huge amount so I’m almost to the point of, why should I even bother to buy music anymore I can listen to it on Spotify like I’ve bought it?!

    I think the only benefit to you having the paid version is no commercials/ads. I don’t have mine hooked up to FB so I’m not sure about that unless you’re looking for new music and want to see what friends are listening to? If you want something that suggests new music though you should check out if you haven’t already (you can even “Scrobble” your Spotify listens).

    As far as browsers I tend to bounce around a lot. I’ve been on a Firefox kick lately, but like you said Chrome being faster and “lighter” was a large selling point of it. I find Safari to run really slowly for me compared to Firefox, but now you’ve made me curious and I’m going to have to start using Chrome again to see if it is faster!

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