[156] history said what?

One of my favorite pastimes is finding new blogs, usually Tumblrs, to keep up with. Some of the best ones recently are I’m Not Racist But/I’m Not Sexist But, Dumb Tweets at Brands, and Texts From Pawnee.

But today I want to talk about History Said What?. Basically, they attribute song lyrics and movie quotes to famous people in history. And it’s hilarious, every single time.

And then there are, of course, the people who do. not. get. it.

Oh, and if you didn’t catch the MTV Movie Awards tonight, Twilight won everything, Harry Potter took the rest, and all of the hosting/announcing was hilarious. I’d recommend watching a homemade highlights reel on YouTube sometime this week. No reason to put yourself through the torture of watching the entire show. It wasn’t that good.

One thought on “[156] history said what?

  1. My favorite quote:
    “The trouble with the internet is that you can never tell whether the person actually made that statement or not.” – Abraham Lincoln

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