[155] weekend update

It’s a working weekend for me, so there isn’t a whole lot say as in regards to doing a lot of fun things. I worked all day today, and then came home and watched two hours of Doctor Who with my brother, and then we switched over to X2 because it was on TV. I live the high life, I’m telling you.

But one of my best friends is moving to follow her dreams this weekend. We’ve been friends for about eight years, since mid-high school. We first bonded over our love of Pirates of the Caribbean then, and we’ve stayed close ever since. She’s just one of those people with whom I can just talk about anything at any time – we just get each other, you know?

So anyway, she’s moving to LA on Sunday to get into the movie side of music business. It’s kind of scary, but also kind of awesome.

This is us when we were babies. We’re in Vienna at Nymphenburg, which I only have vague memories of seeing, unfortunately. I believe I’m sixteen here. Cute fanny pack, I know. We had to have them. It wasn’t a choice.

A bunch of people got together at McNellie’s the other night for a going-away party of sorts, and it was a blast. I haven’t seen most of these people more than a handful of times since high school, so it was nice to have a few hours to sit and just catch up with each other. Have grown-up talk, I guess, since we’re all done with college and on to bigger things these days.

One of my favorite things about Kayla’s move is that she interned in LA the same summer I was interning in NYC. We’d kind of lost touch for a while before that, but we ended up talking almost every day, either online or on the phone, about all of the cool things that were happening to us in our respective big cities. We also talked almost every day about how once we were graduated, we were going to move back and make all of our dreams come true.

And that’s actually happening.

It’s all good and well to talk about it like a plan you’d like to have – but when you get the chance to really grab hold and make it happen, it’s kind of amazing. And I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait to be in those high heels in just a few short months. As if we’d tackle the greatest cities in the world in anything less than our best heels. Please.

Music Saturday: Anjulie. This song, Boom, is on our playlist at work, so I finally looked it up, and her whole first CD, Anjulie, is really excellent. Also, I want to live in this Alice-inspired world (or any Alice-inspired world, really).

New Twitter account of the day: @jarpad, Jared Padalecki. Best known in my mind as Dean from Gilmore Girls, but currently more famous (is that possible…) as Sam on the CW’s Supernatural. Did you ever think I’d be watching a scary TV show? Yeah, me neither. Surprise!

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  1. I’m FINALLY just now reading this and 1) I’m honored to be mentioned in your blog and 2) you might have made me cry… 🙂 That’s still just one of my favorite pictures of us even though we were babies! I feel like it just captures our entire relationship.

    And you’ll be in NYC soon enough and we’ll be living our dreams together (but 3000 miles apart)!!

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