[150] memorial day.

150 days. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of days? It really is.

For the past few days, I’ve spent the half hour or so before bed looking at apartments in Brooklyn and Queens. I’m leaning toward Queens, just because it looks like it might be easier to get into the city from there, but I guess for now I’m just shooting in the dark. Add that to the list of things to add people who are more knowledgeable about NYC than I am, I suppose.

It’s kind of incredible that this is all coming together. There was a little while there where I thought maybe it wasn’t going to, but really, I’ve set my mind to it and there’s really nothing else to say than I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK. In fewer than six months. What?

I’ve done a lot of crafting this weekend, and I’m proud to announce that tomorrow is the grand opening of my Etsy store. I’ll definitely post about it tomorrow, don’t worry. One of my favorite pieces is a bird’s nest necklace (there are a few, actually), and I think they’re adorable. When I showed it to my dad, however, he asked if it was a neutron.

So. You can decide for yourself if you like it. Because tomorrow they will be online!

One of my goals with my Etsy is to make that my spending money. I know beginnings are rough and it might take a while to kick off, but if I keep filling it with things that I love, surely it will work out. I just really need to be saving as much money as possible, and while I’m not planning on striking it rich through small handmade crafts, I am hoping that it’ll help me keep more of my paycheck in the bank.

I’m going to stop talking about Etsy now, since I don’t actually have anything to show for it at this exact moment. I would show you the picture I took earlier, but it’s an iPhone picture and therefore the quality is embarrassingly poor. And I don’t want that to represent me.

So, because it’s late, and I have a coffee date in the morning, I’m going to end this sad disjointed post. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Speaking of Memorial Day, I really do hope everyone took a moment to think about everyone who’s served our country and really, who’s served us in any capacity. I’m a pacifist to heart and I really don’t agree with war, it doesn’t change the fact that there are people who have done so much to make it so that I can have that stance. And they’ll continue to protect us – and, you know, that’s something they believe in wholeheartedly, so I am thankful for their hearts and for them. I hope you are, too.


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