[134] style saturday: the midi skirt.

This week’s Style Saturday centers around the midi skirt, a longer, just-more-than-knee-length skirt that’s creeping back toward the top of the trends list.

Even a few of my favorite street style bloggers have taken on the challenge, which has me all the more excited to get my hands on the trend and see what I can do with it. Some of them, however, have been rocking this style for much longer than its recent rise to trend, which I can only commend and say, “I wish it had occurred to me earlier, too.” I predict this revival is about to blow up the fashion blogging world – just wait and see.

If you notice, several of these midis have pleats. Yes, that’s right. Pleats are coming back in, and I couldn’t be more excited. When it comes time to iron my pleats, I may be whistling a different tune, but for now, I love it.

Bad metaphor, since I can’t whistle. Eh. Bad news for the pleats, I guess.

One of my favorite things about the midi skirt revival is that it lends itself almost entirely to pastels and neutrals. You won’t find many crazy colors in this season of midi – just a lot of pretty pattern and florals. It’s a nice feminine balance to the bright color blocking and pattern mixing going on right now.

The midi skirt practically screams VINTAGE at you – it’s just begging for some nude pumps, a lacy top, and some long, flowy hair. Add a cream blazer if it’s chilly out. Maybe even a new pair of cat eye sunglasses?

What are your thoughts on the midi?

It’s been a struggle for me to come to terms with it, for sure – probably everyone I work with can tell you that. But there’s just something about it that’s pulled me in. I even have one now. I’ll have to take a picture to show you sometime this week.

But really, it’s a timeless length, and it’s going to go in and out of fashion for years, even decades, to come. In a time when vintage is romanticized over pop modernity, the midi length is queen.

And lastly, if you don’t know about Everybody Everywear, you are seriously missing out. Readers vote on the theme for the month, and style bloggers all over submit pictures of themselves conforming to the theme. Recent themes have been Breton stripes, maxi dresses, and this month it’s florals. I’ve yet to participate, but I always pore over the outfits – this is one of the ways I find my new favorite street style blogs.


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