[133] maid of dishonor.

I haven’t even looked at this blog in a few days. I’m just going to be completely real with you here. It’s been a long few days, but I made a promise, and I need to get back to it. I wonder how many times I’ve written that, about wanting to stick to the commitment here. More than a few, I know.

But now that I’m done with school, I really have to get serious about saving money. I woke up this morning and promptly transferred most of my payday deposit into my savings account. It was kind of painful – you know how I love to shop – but I really have to put my foot down now.

Doesn’t that sound so adult of me? Save that money!

Anyway, I have a bit of crowdsourcing to do. I’m looking for  way to keep track of my budget that isn’t, you know, balancing a checkbook. Because I hate that. Because it’s boring.

I’ve used Mint.com a bit before, but I really wish it had an app or something that I could download to my desktop. I just really like having an app.

I’ve looked at the apps available on the Mac App Store, and I just can’t decide. I have some iTunes money to throw around here, so it’s not a matter of cost – I just can’t decide which would be best. Any ideas?

Or, really, if you have ANY budget tips or tools or books or programs or anything – I would love to hear it.

Finally, I went to see Bridesmaids tonight with some friends because my sweet friend Katie is in town. We decided at 8:00 to meet at the mall for an 8:30 showing, so we pretty much all ran into the theater at the last minute – hence, no picture. I’m sure I’ll see them again this weekend while she’s here, so I’ll post more about that later.

But I loved the movie. It was sweet, genuine, and bitingly and hilariously witty the whole time. If you don’t know, I’m a huge Kristen Wiig fan, and she ran this show like it was her job (okay, I guess maybe it was literally her job). But she was fantastic, and I’ll definitely be seeing it again soon.

I think what I loved most about it was how I saw myself in it. Isn’t that what draws most people to their favorite movies? But really – everything about Annie’s life was really just falling apart, and when she really has hit rock bottom, she gets it literally knocked into her and starts taking the steps to recover. I’m not saying that hijinks and hot men are the cure for depression, because they most certainly are not (but man, if they were), but it just struck a chord with where I am in my life right now – putting one foot in front of the other to get to my dreams.

So all in all, I definitely recommend it. And if you want to go see it again, anytime, I am definitely up for it.