[126] five six eleven.

This is the one and only birthday in which the day and month add up to the year. Five. Six. Eleven. Isn’t that something? Maybe it’ll happen again. But it’s probably unlikely and, also, do you know me? When was the last time I voluntarily did math?

I had a really enjoyable birthday for the first time in at least a few years. The others have been nice, but never so thoroughly fun. And, of course, I almost completely forgot to document it.

First, I had breakfast with my dear friend Jessica – might as well be family. She’s in town for a week or so during her PA school break, and we love getting together each time she’s home. We decided that she’s going to come stay with me for Thanksgiving in NYC – we’ll actually get to SEE the Macy’s parade. That had never really hit me before today – I’ll get to go stand on the sidelines. Take a sign. Be on national tv. You know. It’s the little joys that motivate me.

Then I ran around and had lunch with Rebekah for a few hours, which was fabulous, as always. We found this van and took a picture with it – I’ll definitely put it in tomorrow’s post. It’ll tie in nicely. Don’t worry. You’ll understand tomorrow.

I bought these shoes for myself, too. Aren’t they the best? They’re super comfortable, too. I just couldn’t be happier. Oxfords are everything.

After a few more hours, my family and I got cleaned up and went out to dinner. Since I talked them into going to sushi last week for graduation, we went to one of our Family Meals stand-bys – The Cheesecake Factory. Obviously.

They’re pretty great, I have to say.

And with that, I think this makes me officially Old. I’m graduated from college, I’m not just “one year older than 21.” I’m twenty-three years old, which puts me in my twenties. I’m an adult now.

And as I was told tonight, adults keep their cars and rooms clean – I no longer have the excuse of, “Well, lots of people’s cars are dirtier than mine.” Because I guess adults all have spotless cars, right? Well, anyway, it’s probably about time I cleaned mine, anyway.

Tomorrow I have an extra-special post planned. Don’t you even worry about it.