[125] Tonight, I found out I share a birthday with Ron Swanson.

Well, it’s almost the end of my first week as a graduate. I haven’t really done much except work and also work out. I think those are pretty much my plans from here on out, except go to a few weddings and tiny trips this summer. It could be worse, right?

Speaking of rekindled friendships (what? were we not?), I’ve been having shop talk with Kitty so much over the past few days. It’s been great. Sometimes I forget that I traveled the world with her for three months and then lived in the same room as her for another three, and then we had two more years of school and sorority together. If you like crafts and/or law school, read her blog. It’s great. I’ve picked up so much from her, and she has a really fantastic Etsy!

And one thing I’ve always loved about her was her constant remembering of important dates. I’ve never known someone to keep track of birthdays like she does. And this year was no exception – it was a great day for mail for me.

I ordered this from Kitty’s Etsy sometime within the past few days, and she popped in the mail immediately and sent it to me. The little washer says LIVE, if you can’t read it in this terrible photo, and has owl and tree charm attachments.

And she sent me a super cute little carnation bobby for my birthday! I tried to get a good picture of it, but I just couldn’t.

New camera is high on my priorities list right now.

The other fun thing that came in the mail is – spoiler alert – my set of letters for metal stamping. I’M SO EXCITED! After seeing all of the things Kitty stamped, I just couldn’t resist. How neat does this look? You can get sets pretty cheap on Amazon these days, so I went ahead and just ordered one. I’m waiting on my tiny anvil to get here, and then I’ll stamp something out for you. I could go ahead and do it, but I think my anvil will be here tomorrow, and I kind of just want to wait because I don’t know what to do yet.

When Kitty posted that she’d had it for a while but she waited because she didn’t know what to do, I thought she was crazy. Why wouldn’t you just start stamping all the metal you have? And then I got mine in the mail and I have this feeling of overwhelmed gloriousness and greatness that comes with having the power to stamp literally any words or numbers I want on any metal surface. I get it now.

AND I made sure to get a kit with an ampersand. Obviously. Just wait. There are going to be some great things. I made a pre-emptive trip to HobLob the other day in preparation. You’re going to just die.

And one last little gift for you on my birthday – here’s the chalkboard I drew for work yesterday. Surprise! Purse sale! All regular price purses are 30% off right now (excludes clutches and wallets) for Mother’s Day – go get one! LOTS of cute purses right now.

I know you’re really impressed with my artistic skillz right now. I know exactly how good they are. But hey, I love me some chalk.