day 112. a renewed love for ronald.

Friday was a rather exciting day for me, I think. I started the day with waking up on time to get ready for my departmental senior exit interview, which is rather a feat, if you know me. The interview itself went splendidly – it was with one of the professors nearest and dearest to my heart – the one I’m actually named after, if you can believe it. Dr. McBride is just everything, isn’t he? I think my heart is a little more full every time I see him.

And since I had the day off work, it was a very pleasantly sweltering 95 degrees outside, which I used to full advantage in the mid-day hour. I had coffee with Rebekah for, um, several hours after my interview, which is always great. We always find so much to talk about – she’s one of the few people with whom I feel I can be completely and totally honest, and have incredibly frank discussions. I feel like we had a difference of opinion on a few things, but we both just had so much to say and it was so great to have someone to talk to about things I feel strongly about. She’s the best best friend.

Anyway, I just ran a few errands after that and hung out for a little while, watched some tv.

Oh, and then I found out that my parents have BBC America included in their cable subscription. No big deal. I mean, whatever. There was only a Doctor Who marathon leading up to the premiere of “The Impossible Astronaut.” So I watched some Doctor Who, and then James, Rebekah and Desmond came over and we watched Deathly Hallows, pt 1. This was my first time to see it since November, when I saw it at midnight, so it was pretty thrilling.

And I remembered just how much I love Ron Weasley. I think he may be my favorite book character. I’m just saying.

And man, he’s such a nerd, but do you know me? I love nerds. If Ron had known about Doctor Who, he would watch it. Nah, Ron would probably know the Doctor. If either of them were real.

On the real life hand, one week until graduation!