day 111. one week and twelve hours from graduation.

I’d like to take this post to say that today was my last college class ever. The last class I will ever attend in my undergraduate career. Will I be having a graduate school career? Eh. Maybe. But that’s not something I have to worry about right now.

So for now, all I have to do is take my Senior Bible final, turn in my portfolio, and finish up my TCC biology class, and I’ll be officially done with college.

As in, I won’t have to worry about what the next school year is going to be like. I won’t have to plan my years around the various semesters and breaks and holidays.

I just feel free.

I know there are going to be things I’ll miss and things I’ll regret, but overall, I’m glad to be done with school. It was a tough decision for me, whether I wanted to return this semester. But you know, I’m glad I did. There were times when it was hard and there were times I just wanted to quit, but having sucked it up for a few months and just having done it, I’m going to have a degree.

And that, friends, is something to celebrate.


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