day 110.

Tomorrow morning is my last college class. Ever. Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that great?

And to be honest, I realized about an hour ago that I may not even have a final for that class. I thought I did, but, you know, I may not. I’ll have to double check, but wouldn’t that be exciting?

I’m about to graduate from college, also. I can’t even tell you how much that freaks me out. Of course, I’m thrilled, but it’s weird to think that this crazy time in my life is almost over.

And this will be my reaction a week from Friday:

Apparently I’m famous at work for my Power Hour post. Fine with it.

Since I’m tired, I’m just going to share with you a cute idea from a work friend: Peeps sushi. Cute, right? I feel like I had maybe heard about it before, very briefly, because it sounded vaguely familiar, but she showed me all about it and even showed me pictures of her own Peepshi.

Peeps, rice krispies treats, fruit roll-ups and Swedish fish. Does it get better than that? That’s what I thought.

This picture looks a little vicious. But, you know, it’s just Peeps, right? Just sugar in several forms? Man, look at those little eyes. Little judging eyes. Oh well. Still wouldn’t keep me from eating one (or more) of them.

I really want to try my hand at peepshi now, especially having seen her pictures. They’re just so cute! I’ll take pictures if I do and let you know for sure.

PS Easy A is on Netflix Instant now. If you haven’t seen it, this is your chance. If you don’t have Netflix, I don’t want to know you. Well, that’s not true. But you’re really missing out.

PPS Did anyone know there was a new Glee last night? I totally didn’t until work today. Surprise! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it. Anyway, it was pretty good. Anything with Cheyenne Jackson automatically wins in my book.