day 101. I need book recs.

Sometimes I struggle to think of something to write about. Some days are just kind of boring. Like this day. Monday. Already it starts out the worst day of the week, just because it follows such a spectacular few days called the weekend. And then, and then, I never have anything unusual or exciting on Mondays. I go to work all day, and then I come home, sometimes I work out, read my homework for Tuesday morning, and then I go to bed.

And to be perfectly honest, this Monday was no different.

In fact, I fell asleep a little after 10:00. Do I regret it? No way. The more sleep I get, the happier I am.

I think I should try to read some more this summer, though, especially since I won’t have class to prepare for. All I’ll have is work, and I’d really like to get back into reading at least one book per week.

In fact, I’ve really gotten out of the habit of reading in the last year or two. I do still read on a regular basis, but not like I used to. Not at all. Not even close. I have a short stack of books to read, but after that I’m going to be looking for more.

Have you read anything lately you think I’d enjoy? I’m a big fan of really tough mysteries lately, and of course most fiction is always a favorite. One thing I do really enjoy is humorous non-fiction, like that of Bill Bryson. I love knowing true facts, but I hate reading a non-fiction book that reads like a textbook. I get enough of that at school, thank you!

What do you recommend?


One thought on “day 101. I need book recs.

  1. If you’re into mystery, I rec the Girl With series.

    Also, I just started Water for Elephants and it’s good so far! Have you read the Mark of the Lion trilogy? Also good.

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