day 98. books or television.

Days off are just the best, aren’t they? Just a lot of time for relaxing. A few other things, too, but mostly relaxing. And on such a nice day, what else could you do?

I spent the afternoon with Josh and Kayleigh, just hanging out. We went to Goodwill, which is always fun. I really need to learn how to do quality thrifting. I feel like I spend a lot of time thrifting and I never really find a whole lot. Are you a successful thrifter? What are your tips and secrets? I just don’t know what to look for.

I probably need to figure out the best thrift stores in the area, too. I know it isn’t our Goodwill, but I haven’t put in the time to find the best ones. Someday, I guess.

One thing I’ve spent some time thinking about lately is my priorities. For someone who loves and watches as much television as I do, I’ve never really thought about going into that as an industry. It’s impossibly hard to get into, but it can’t be that much harder than publishing. It’s all still apprentice-based, which does set me back some, but if I wanted to, I think I could do it.

It would relocate me to Los Angeles, the West Coast in general. Sure, there’s TV in NYC, like there’s publishing in LA – not as much and not the best. I just wouldn’t even know how to get into the industry. I wouldn’t even know what I’d want to do. Obviously, I haven’t done nearly enough research.

I think I’d still want to do writing. Dialogue and character interaction has always been my strength – I’ve read enough scripts and watched enough TV that I think I could get into the swing of it, with some work and study. I sort of feel like I’m trivializing it all, and I don’t mean to do that. I know it would be hard and I know it would be work. But wouldn’t it be worth it? To work in an industry I absolutely love?

Or I could follow the dream I’ve had my whole life, for at least ten years, and go to the East Coast and get into publishing. Maybe I’ve forgotten how much I love NYC. I just don’t know. This is the thing I’ve been following forever. This is the reason I’m an English major, with an accounting minor – both for a reason. This is the reason I interned in NYC in 2009. This is the reason I read dozens of publishing-related blogs every day.

I just feel like I have to make this decision in the next six to twelve months, a decision that might shape my life forever. Am I old enough to be making that decision? I guess I am. It’s just a very daunting prospect.

I’m just going to push it to the back of my mind for another three weeks, until graduation. Then I’ll really have to focus on the future. But until then, I’m just going to stick it out here.

Anyone have any advice here?

I’m going to the Oklahoma Book Awards tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll meet some people there. Maybe I’ll figure it out. We’ll see. I’ll let you know if I have any epiphanies.


One thought on “day 98. books or television.

  1. I think you can do anything you set your mind to. That sounds so matronly of me, but really. If you’re going to be moving across the country, why not consider either coast? But at the same time, getting into script writing would probably be just as difficult or not difficult as possibly publishing. You have writing experience and you have drive. And in LA, the drive is worth just about as much as anything if that’s what you’re looking at.

    However, NYC has been your dream since at least 2009 and if you have the drive to make it your dream, you should go for it. You only live once, right? And if one way doesn’t work out, you can always come back to Oklahoma…or somewhere else. 🙂

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