day 87. puppy gifs and dreary days.

I really didn’t want to write this post today. I really just want to go to bed. Perhaps I should have written it earlier in the day then. Eh. It took a while, but writing daily is part of my rhythm now. I feel weird if I don’t do it, like I’ve forgotten something really, really important. I don’t write as much as I should right now, so this makes me feel like I’m not losing my touch and helps me stay focused on myself instead of getting wrapped up too much in the things around me.

It was a good day. A very cold day, but a good one nonetheless. I thought it was going to be a leetle warmer today, around 60, and I was wrong. It hovered at around 40-45 all day. I was really hoping I wasn’t going to have to wear tights again until the fall, but I think I’m going to have to get them back out. At least I have some fun colors that are good for spring!

I’m just trying to pretend it’s spring, wishing it back by wearing bright colors and prints. That’s the plus side of my job – I see so many bright clothes and fun things every day that it’s really hard to get sucked into the dreariness of the current weather.

There just isn’t much to say today. I’m almost completely finished moving out – I went and got the rest of my stuff today, except the few bags I’m donating to the EARC and my cleaning supplies, for when I go and get the room ready for my replacement. By the way, if you ever have donations, you should take them to the EARC. It’s a local non-profit that donates proceeds to helping local adults with developmental disabilities. They’ve been around forever, and are doing a lot of good work.

I do have a shopping tip for you, though.

When you go shopping, be pleasant to the people working. Really, if you go into any kind of service-oriented place of business – retail, restaurant, etc. I’ve worked retail long enough to have seen a lot of the things people do and say to employees, and some of it is really not nice (and that’s putting it lightly).

So, please, be pleasant. If you’re having a bad day, let us make it better. If we’re having a bad day, try to be understanding. Not every work day is the best day of everyone’s lives, although we’re trying to pretend it is. And the odds are, we are much more likely to go out of our way to help you and go above and beyond when you’re a pleasant person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read in magazines that “if you raise your voice, they’ll bend to your will.” Well, no, actually. This may work sometimes, but if you’re nice, I’m much more interested in working with you to resolve a problem.

And one last thing – please be respectful of closing hours. If you think you’re close, check. You don’t like working overtime, do you? I really don’t want to stay at work any later than I have to, either.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this. You’re all nice people, aren’t you?

Anyway, time to put on my Feminist hat. I have a quasi-debate on abortion tomorrow morning.


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