day 86. love letter to japan.

Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this weather? I haven’t really been checking the weather online lately because it’s been roughly 70-85 every day – warm enough to not have to worry about it. Imagine my surprise on Saturday when it was about 50. And today when it didn’t crack 45. Well, maybe it did, but if so, I was at work and missed it.

I hope it warms up soon. Let’s see what the weather says.

Brr! I guess it is still only March. I had just slipped into the late spring/early summer mindset, when it’s not cold and it’s not sweltering. I’d much rather it be sweltering than cold, though. That may scare some of you off, I know. I love hot weather. Cold weather is fine, but not after I’ve already packed away all of my winter clothing.

I do want to talk about the tragedy in Japan tonight. I know I haven’t talked about it before, but it’s been something that really, really has been weighing on me. I spent a month and a half in Japan in 2007 as part of my study abroad, living in Mito and attending Ibaraki Christian University, and all of the news has been emotionally paralyzing. I don’t know if my Japanese friends and host family are alive, let alone okay. I’ve tried finding them on the person finder, and no records. From all reports, Mito wasn’t hit as badly as some places, so I’m praying they’re okay.

I’m just really scared for them. I can’t imagine such a tragedy. The only semi-comparable thing I’ve ever been through was the May 3rd tornadoes, and I was a small child when that happened. I don’t even remember anything except sitting in the closet under the stairs with my cats, waiting for it to be over. And that was nothing, nothing, compared to what happened in Japan.

I don’t really know what to say about it, because if you’re keeping up with the news, you already know everything. There isn’t really anything I can shed any light on.

If you can, please donate. If you can’t, please pray. Do whatever you can to help the relief. We’ve been struck by so many tragedies in the last year, and we’re so fortunate to not have had any of them directly on us. If anything, what we can do is wake up thankful that we made it to the next day – a giant crack didn’t open in the ground, a cyclone didn’t destroy our houses, we aren’t flooded, we aren’t burned to the ground.

Actually, there was a huge wildfire in Oklahoma recently, and about half of the houses in my grandparents’ neighborhood in Harrah, OK, literally burned to the ground. Somehow they were spared, but the houses that weren’t are completely gone.

So there’s a lot going on right now. It’s really scary. It could happen to us at any time. I’m lying here in my bed, and a tornado could drop out of the sky and rip the wall out from in front of me, possibly followed by my laptop and also me. Very unlikely, but with Oklahoma, you never know what might happen. So let’s just take a minute to think about how blessed we are to have made it another day, another month, another year. And for those who weren’t as fortunate, say a prayer or have some kind thoughts or make some donations. Do what you can.

Do it for this guy.

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  1. This has really made me think back on Pacrim as well….I love the pictures, I’m so glad we got to experience Japan together!

  2. Bailey and Kitty praying for a passing grade!? As parents we were a little concerned when the students went on PacRim and we didn’t see any pictures of anybody studying anything until the last two weeks. Lots of pictures of food and travels and hiking and temples and food and host families and scenic views and food.

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