day 84. the day I was a cool sister.

What do you know? Even on my days off work, I’m Boring McBoringson. I really need to get my act together and be interesting. I ran a few errands with one of my puppies today, and he was very nervous. I took him over to OC, hoping to catch some people who love dogs, but I ran into, like, three people total. I mean, I know it’s Friday afternoon, but seriously, where was everyone today?

If you’re at the Sigma Tau Delta conference right now, don’t even talk to me. Just kidding, please do. I’m just incredibly jealous. I know how absolutely nerdy this is, but going to the English majors’ national conference has been one of the highlights of college. There’s just something about being in rooms full of people just as nerdy as you are, but who are also as much of perfectionists as you are. I don’t know. It’s something I really miss. I made some good friends from out of state last spring, and I miss it like crazy.

I did, however, gain some cool sister points today by:

  1. Letting my brother ride in the front seat when I picked him up from school, and
  2. This:

We went to Freddy’s after school, where he ate that chocolate concrete with cookie dough in literally five minutes. Maybe less. It was shocking – I think I actually gasped when he showed me. I had taken, like, two bites of my turtle sundae, and asked him a question, and he waved me off, saying, “I’m almost done with my ice cream.”

What? What do you mean?

So, exasperated, he lifted up his cup and showed me that he was, indeed, about two bites away from finishing his concrete. I was amazed.

One bite down, I asked him why he was eating his concrete so quickly.

“Um, because I want to eat some fries before they get cold.”

And then, obviously, the race was on to see who could get to the fries first. However, I did realize that I could do both. So you better believe I was dipping my fries in my ice cream. Duh. If you’ve never done that, you are seriously missing out. Also if you’ve never been to Freddy’s (N 2nd St between Coltrane and Bryant). They have everything and it isn’t too pricey and it’s just delicious. Especially those fries.

Especially those fries.

It was probably the most gluttonous moment of the year so far. It was great. I have no regrets. Okay, I didn’t run tonight, either, so I might have a few regrets. Whatever. It was still delicious.

However, excuse the lamest smile in the world, please. This was take two. Clearly I wasn’t really in a photogenic mood this afternoon. Check out those yellow Ray-Ban style sunglasses, though. Very cool, right? Francesca’s, obvi. We have them in hot pink, too. Come get a pair. I’ll be there all day tomorrow (Saturday).

After Freddy’s, we went home and I helped Davis with his Spanish homework, and then I did basically nothing all evening. Hanging out and talking with my family and family friends. I’m such an adult now. So weird. And then Cara came back and we traded favorite blogs and watched hilarious baby and dog videos.

Stop laughing, it was a great time.

Seriously though. Come see me. If you come at around 12:30 we might be able to grab lunch, too. I’m just saying.

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