day 83. real pictures.

To quote someone I ran into today, “You have to take better pictures. Stop using your laptop.”

So, my goal is to use a camera in my house (I’m sure there’s one somewhere), or use other people’s photography skills, until such time as I get a new camera. I’d really forgotten what poor quality the iSight has, as far as actual photography goes.

I promise I don’t work at Coldwater Creek. This would be a great advertisement for them if I did. But I don’t.

Skirt: Francesca’s; Tank: TJ Maxx; Cardi: LOFT; Shoes: Francesca’s; Jewelry: Francesca’s

And then I get pictures like this, and I’m like, “Oh, right. Real cameras will always take better pictures.” Especially when it’s a nice SLR. I would love to have a nice SLR camera for graduation. A girl can dream, right? Right, Dad? Right?

Ah, this store seems a little bit more familiar 🙂 I’m standing in front of the Gossip Girl window – you should come by this weekend and see it. And me. And all of the adorable new spring dresses we just got in.

I don’t have too much to share today. Obviously, it’s late and I’m ready for bed.

Lovely friend Cara is staying with me right now, and it was great to just sit and talk with her for a little while after she got here. Like most people, she was incredulous about the crazy things in this house. I told her to just wait until it’s light outside and she can see all of the things.

And then we may or may not have had a minor excited freak-out over my LOST box set. It never gets old for me, and I love letting people go through it and look at everything. It’s just so cool. ABC really did that one correctly. The best box set for the best television show of all time.