day 81. Ben Folds tweeted at me today. Yes. Seriously.

We have a clarification. Only birthday countdowns are annoying. Graduation countdown benefits all graduates; therefore, it is fine. So, what, 38 days? I’m going to forget this soon, I’m sure. Someone’s going to have to actually remind me to show up.

But on the other hand, look how beautiful my mom’s front garden tulips are. Can you believe it’s almost April? I know, right? Shut. Up. Spring is officially here and I’m more than thrilled about it. The fact that it’s been 85 outside has been the best thing of my life lately.

Sometimes I feel like such an adult right now. For example, I spent my morning in class, worked all afternoon, and spent the evening unpacking tubs of stuff at my parents’ house. Fun!

Not really.

I did spend collectively an hour on the phone with some of my best friends tonight, though. See, Mom, I do have friends. It was just good to catch up with some people I don’t get to talk to very much, and then to talk with some people I talk to a lot (but there’s always more to talk about).

Tomorrow promises to be an equally adult day, since I’ll be at work lit’rally all day. I guess it would be a sad story if I hated my job. Fortunately for me, I love my job.

Oh, and if you aren’t on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr with me, you’ll be excited to know that my favorite musician of forever all time tweeted back at me tonight.

Yes. Seriously.

I think I died inside of happiness when I got the text.

You better believe I took screenshot evidence. I mean, it’s not the greatest news in the world, so that’s kind of a downer, but…Ben Folds tweeted back at me! Seriously, one of the best things that’s happened to me on the Internet, like, ever. Ever ever. I had a long moment of jumping around and being very excited about it. I’m sorry I love him so much.

He’s playing with the Dallas Symphony in June, so I kind of suspect they’ll reschedule it around then. Also, maybe I’ll go to that concert, because, um, that sounds amazing. I have the Live with WASO DVD, and I love to just put it in when I’m doing chores or something to lighten the mood. Seeing it live would just be amazing.

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