day 78. desmond, day two.

I have done so much on a Saturday that it should be criminal. That’s not really true. I just never do anything on the Saturdays I don’t have to work. Like, anything. And it’s very enjoyable, since I’m usually incredibly productive the other six days of the week.

Woke up this morning, helped my dad move furniture from my rent house to their house, then put it all in their storage building. Also, we played with Desmond for a while, too. Two of my dogs loved him, one was terrified of him, and the other one doesn’t like strange dogs at all, so she had to go inside. As you can see in the picture below, she…is absent. She was in the living room, glaring out the window at them. She’s such a diva.

Look how adorable they are. I feel like this picture doesn’t even do them all justice. The one on the far left, that’s Lucky. He’s been gradually getting used to being back outside. Doesn’t he just look like a tiny Desmond?

There was one point where Lucky was standing on the chair, leaning against me, and Desmond jumped up on my other side, and it was like having a tiny one and a giant one on either side. I wish I had a picture of that, because they were so cute.

Davis took this picture after we went inside to get our keys and things to go get furniture. Davis is 12 and about to hit that giant growth spurt boys go through. He’s growing a lot right now, too, so this might give you a better idea of how big Desmond is.

And one of the other best things about Desmond is what a good traveller he is. He’s completely car-trained and loves to go run errands. He went all around Edmond with me this morning and afternoon, and only made a few peeps, when he thought I was leaving.

Isn’t he also just the most photogenic dog?

Right now we’re back at the Parker place, and he’s been passed out for a few hours. An exhausting morning of meeting new dogs and then running around in the woodsy part of my parents’ yard made him a sleepy puppy. Yes, he’s a puppy – he’s about ten months old. Crazy town, right? He’s great.

I have a feeling this is going to be Dog Weekend on my blog. I’m fine with that.