day 76. Saint Pat, Chic.

I didn’t mean to take this picture so close up. I thought it was done taking pictures. Surprise! But I really like the look on my face. I think it goes well with St Pat’s Day.

I’m glad my mom doesn’t read my blog. She’d be embarrassed about the grass, I think. But it’s Oklahoma. Whatever. That’s just how the grass looks. It’ll be green in a few days or weeks or something.

I did break the cardinal sin of the 30×30 today. I wore something outside my capsule closet. BUT I don’t have anything green in it! It’s St Patrick’s Day – what was I supposed to do? Not wear green and get pinched? No, sir. I hope you can forgive me this time.

Would you believe I’ve never worn this shirt before today? Maybe I have and I just don’t remember. But, in my memory, I have never worn this shirt in public. I bought it in NYC – yes, two years ago – and love it so much and I’ve never felt like I had the opportunity to wear it. And then I realized I could wear it to work, and my whole world changed.

Not really. But it was close.

Top: linQ; Skirt: Gap; Pumps: Target; Belt: Francesca’s; All jewelry: Francesca’s

I’m really not adjusted to Daylight Savings yet. I’m also not done glorifying God for this wonderful season in my life where it stays light until almost 9:00, but that’s another story. I can’t believe it’s 7:30 and still light outside! I was able to take outfit pics after work, which was both thrilling and the tiniest bit annoying, if only because I couldn’t cast off my high heels for sweatpants the instant I walked in the door. Just ten minutes later.

But I keep coming home and thinking I have sooooo much time left in the day, and really, it’s 7:30. I don’t have that much time left – only a few hours and then I have to get to bed so I can be at work before 9:30 tomorrow. Working girl!

It kind of looks like I’m jigging in this picture. That’s why I picked it. Also, my belt is crooked. Cute.

Our satellite station continued to delight me today. This afternoon it played a lot of KT Tunstall, who I used to be obsessed with and don’t really listen to anymore. She was kind of the early college years version of what Florence + The Machine is for me now, so it’s great to hear her music again. That’s what I like about this station. It plays a lot of 2000-2011 music, which is mostly what I listen to, so I know most of the songs.

In other news, I watched the music video for Panic at the Disco’s new single, “The Ballad of Mona Lisa.” It’s from their unreleased album VICES AND VIRTUES, out the 23rd. It seems like a good combination of their previous efforts, and I’m really, really looking forward to it. It’s like one day they decided to drop the exclamation point and become a really quality band, and I love that. Also, this video is beautifully steampunk.

Finally, my brother passed his Scout Master Conference tonight. He’s a real Boy Scout! Or something. I don’t know what that means. My dad’s explaining it to me right now. After you go through the ranks of young boy scouts, you go into a rigorous interrogation to be a First Class Scout. Then, on to Star, Life and Eagle Scouts! The younger ranks are mostly about skill-building, and after you get to Star, it’s more about character development and leadership. So, really, I’m super proud of him. I don’t know a lot about Boy Scouts (I quit Girl Scouts in 7th grade and never looked back), but this is supposed to be a big deal.

Happy St Pat’s Day!

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