day 75. st patty’s prep.

I hope you’re ready for tomorrow. I am. As I type, I’m letting my ninja green nail polish dry. And then I’m going to cover it with gold sparkles. It’s going to be quite a day tomorrow. If you’re bored, come see me at work. I’ll be there all day.

I really need to start writing down my blog topics. I had a few thought out over the course of the day and, once again, I’ve forgotten them all. I did take a few pictures today, though.

I was parked next to this Mini when I went to lunch today, and I was struck by the color. This picture doesn’t even do it justice – such a pretty teal. I’d love to have a car this color someday. Is it weird to take pictures of strangers’ cars? I think it might be. Well. It was pretty.

And this, friends, is one of the most fabulous necklaces I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t own it, so I feel like I can say that without it being narcissistic. I love the little flower. I love everything about it. Shimmy yourself on down to Franny’s and get one. I predict they’ll go quickly.

It was kind of a spectacular morning, though. If your definition of spectacular is waking up 20 minutes before the last minute you absolutely have to be at work. I was ready in 9 minutes and I was even almost early to work – funny how that happens, isn’t it?

I have one gripe today. The phrase “pop of color.” It was cute last year when it was a thing, but it’s everywhere now. I say it to people almost every day, and it’s driving me batty. I wish we could come up with a new phrase to describe what it is, but “pop of color” pretty much fits the bill, bar none. I may be alone in this, too. I hope I am. It’s a cute phrase – it’s just getting overused, for me, for where I am every day.

Oh well. I’m sure it’s not going away anytime soon. I’ll just have to suck it up and get used to it, I guess.

Do you have any popular phrases that just rub you the wrong way? Unpopular opinions are always welcome here.

2 thoughts on “day 75. st patty’s prep.

  1. a) i love that necklace.
    b) that teal color is in my wedding! scoreeee.
    c) i was just thinking the same thing about “pop of color” this morning; some design person was on the Today show and said it about every 2 seconds.
    d) this list is out of order.
    e) st. patty’s day shirt: i don’t judge you for going outside the rules a bit! it’s a CUUUUUTE shirt.
    f) and you’re a skinny minny! for reals.
    g) help me style my engagement shoot?
    h) i love you.
    i) and lists.
    j) but mainly you.
    k) i had to end the list on the first letter of my name. duh.

    • I just love you, heartface. I can’t WAIT for your wedding. Even if I’ve moved by then, I’m flying back for that weekend. I missed one bestie’s wedding and I hate that and I won’t miss yours for the world. I’ll make my parents fly me back if that’s what it takes (sorry Dad! love you!).

      Also, pop of color. I’m glad I’m not the only person.

      Also I’m not a skinny minny. These pictures just make me look good. But thank you. I love you.

      I will go to the moon and back for you. And that includes your engagement shoot if you want. I LOVE YOU. Call me. Let’s talk or Skype soon.

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